Residential & Guest House Heat Pumps Range


Our comprehensive range of household heat pumps is perfect for an individual home with one Hot Water Cylinder (Geyser) up to a multi roomed Guest House where having hot water 24 hours a day is an essential part of their service.

Our heat pumps are designed to be coupled directly to your existing Hot Water Cylinder with very little fuss, the heat pump itself is mounted externally in the same way one would mount an air-conditioning unit. Liquid Heat offers a comprehensive “Turn Key” solution, we do all of the plumbing and electrical work “In House” so there is no need for additional contractors working in your house/establishment to get the job done.

Where larger houses and guest houses have several Hot Water Cylinders installed, we have an expert team that can advise on the best solution for your scenario by minimising the installation cost and still having you realise the incredible cost savings that are associated with changing to Heat Pumps.

Contact our company for more information, technical specifications available below.